Veerle Van Alphen

- Home Country: Belgium -

Veerle is is a self-taught artist who became fascinated by culture, languages and artistic expressions at a very young age. Her artistic journey began when she was 12 and started to draw, play music and design clothing.
She travelled the world and graduated with a Master in Oriental Languages, Culture and Archaeology at RUG University and a postgraduate degree at the Jaipur University in India. In Brussels, she completed her studies with a Master in International Relations at the ULB. In addition to her current position as Consul of Peru and lecturer in Hispanic Languages and Cultures in Antwerp, she is obsessed with travelling, languages, music, dance, jewellery, pre-Columbian art, colonial history, painting and photography.

‘Life has taught me that it is one big exercise in saying goodbye, only nature is so much better at it than I am’. These deepest feelings of joy, wonder, passion, sadness and alienation are reflected in her artistic creations for which she finds inspiration in nature.

Her sea jewels, paintings and poems are reflexions of these fleeting feelings.

‘Words, music and art organize my sensory awareness. I am a polyamorous linguaphile. Languages and cultures inspire me and give me insight into past and present, into behaviour, feelings and developments. They provide a fascinating cross-pollination which make me see the world with different eyes.’

‘Yet, the language of silence is probably the most powerful’. These deeply hushed emotions manifest themselves in my artistic creations. Saying goodbye is also commonplace in the diplomatic world. But it is precisely on these fault lines that the most interesting things arise. Through my artwork I try to express and capture these beautiful and transient feelings’.