Roxana Buta

- Home Country: Romania -

The artistic vocation is a mark of the nobility of a human being regardless of what he professes in a practical and social sense. Confessed or revealed, it becomes man’s dominant identitary attribute.

Roxana’s artistic activity should be understood from this perspective and as an expression of the spiritual dimension of her personality.

Roxana is a self-taught artist that solitarily cultivates her ardent vocation disguised in more than a hobby but in a way of life. Thus she lives in a mystique of colour. Her compositional skills, as well as the ease with which she handles the specific techniques and instruments, especially the palette knives, materialize in a visual display that impresses and invites to meditation. In the last years she has revealed her paintings to the public in a number of exhibitions, alone but also with other artists.

facebook: roxana.buta.71