Joanna Basztura

- Home country: Poland -

I have developed  passion for sewing in my childhood when I created small outfits for very little dolls. However, I followed a completely different career and only a couple of years ago I heard again a quiet voice inside me that insisted I started doing something creative.

I started first in an amateur theatre playing with a French speaking group in Bozar and Espace Senghor. Then I thought about pursuing my childhood hobby and started participating  in fashion design and making courses in NABA, Milan, Italy and London College of Fashion and Saint Martin College in London, UK. I design and sew bags using rich cotton and various decorations such as lace, ribbon, beads, etc.

The topics vary from folk inspirations, seasons to peace, freedom, happiness or just simply expressing emotions.

Beige bag 1

Beige bag 2

Dark blue bag with blue and red stripes (3)