Rita Ansone

- Home country: Latvia  -

Art has been always a matter I enjoy performing, viewing, discussing about. It attracts me in several manners. I am interested in greatest art mean expressions where photography is the spine of my personal and emotional interpretation. Likewise I enjoy creating hand made crafts, such as: jewellery, decors, post cards.

Visual details play an important role in my perception of everyday life. I enjoy exploring how precise atmospheres and ambiances of the moment can be captured. Some of my photographs depict a world that floats between reality and fantasy, between believable spaces and sites of make believe.

Rather than transforming the pictures, I emphasise tonality and illumination for enhanced perception of the scene. Visually I am influenced by curiosity and a sense of mystery, helping me to express my personal sensations in the image.



Radiance | 2018 | installation pigment print on canvas/ approx. 60×45 cm