Doina Popescu

Doina Popescu is a self-taught artist, currently based in Belgium.

Between 2016 and 2020 she has been awarded three international art prizes (Golden Palm for Visual Arts in 2018 in New York, Michelangelo in Rome in 2019 and Leonardo da Vinci in Florence in 2020) and she has exhibited in Europe and United States of America. Her works hang in private collections in many countries and are featured by international art catalogues. One of her artworks is part of the permanent collection of the European Art Museum, Denmark.

Nature, human feelings and spirituality are her main sources of inspiration. While her analytical background has its origins in her Mathematics and Communication university studies, her genuine and diversified creativity has grown over years and as of 2016, she expresses visually by colorful creations (most of them 3D organic artworks).

Free spirit, she is particularly fond of Japanese washi paper - acrylic, a combination which allows her to take on the challenge of an unconventional innovative technique: “a new concept of flower/ leaf painting”, where each flower or leaf is a separate painting on burned Japanese paper. The idea became a sensation from the very start, and the viewers appreciated the new proposal with great enthusiasm.

She has experience as event coordinator and graphic designer, also.

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Doina's sculpture "Unfathomable thoughts" is nominated to the prestigious Global Art Awards 2020 and can be voted until 10 November (click on the link, scroll down, load more, vote):

Unfathomable thoughts

Tree Code

The Rainbow Tree