Heike Tiede

- Home Country: Germany -

Heike Tiede lives in the south of Belgium since the year after the fall of the Berlin Wall. She regularly works on topics like freedom, transcending inner and outer limits, difficult encounters between two worlds, and the search for personal roots.

The (starting) point is the origin of all things. How a computer makes pictures from pixels, our brain connects the points to lines, curves and surfaces. A ink drawing on Pointillism is a voyage of discovery on paper, which explores an unknown country and fills in blank spaces in the inner map.

In her daily train rides on the Brussels-Floreffe line, Heike Tiede portrays fellow commuters. In the background of her portraits she tells stories about inner and external worlds. In this way, the train becomes her mobile studio full of living models, at the same time it is her platform of publicity. The drawings break the routine of the commuters, connect people and are the source of interesting encounters.