Ioana Beltic Piassoni

Ioana Beltic Piassoni specialist in techniques for research, conservation and restoration of archaeological and museum heritage.
Restorer specialized in ceramics, Ioana Belțic Piassoni has a solid artistic background.
Ioana is one of the few artists-restorers who carries on the craft of painting on glass, faithfully reproducing the canon and models of the old schools of iconography in Transylvania. Painting on glass is an art of the soul, which is found in Ioana's creations. Going from studying, researching and restoring ceramics, to practicing painting on glass, the artist reproduces old images from Romanian iconography (icons), floral motifs from illuminated manuscripts and not lastly, it uses both architectural elements and details from the structures of the Gothic style.
The works are made using graphics for ink and water-based colours to allow easy interpenetration of colours, thus obtaining the volume, shades, lights and shadows that the artist needs. Binding and mixing of colours is possible using egg emulsion, in fact, the secret behind this technique. As a basic element should be mentioned the gold or silver foil. The art of painting on glass is an old, rare technique that must be discovered and valued at its true value.
Ioana Belțic Piassoni's creations can be found in private collections in Romania, Italy, Korea, Croatia, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Lithuania, France, Germany, Belgium, USA, at the Hight Commander of NATO Forces in Europe, Princess Anne de Ligne of Belgium and His Royal Highness Charles the Prince of Wales.