- Home country: Germany and Belgium

Born in 1956. I am German, but I have always lived in Belgium. My passions are music and photography. I made my first portraits in 1974, my first public exhibition, in 1996, my first website, in 2001. I work when I want, the way I want, where I want and with whom I want. People interest me the most, the way they are, their creative energy, their personality.
Some people, addicted to classifications have said I am doing "intimate portraits". Whatever they mean by that, they may be right.

"My purpose is not to impress : I only want to share my emotions ..."
... focus your attention on those things we look at but do not really see, anymore.

"Behind every picture, there is a story". I am not very good, at telling stories, but I could offer you some pictures : your imagination will do the rest...