María Teresa Durán-Warnimont

- Colombia/Belgium -

Is a professional art restorer, specialized in Spanish Colonial Art.

In order to accompany her husband in his diplomatic career, she gave up the exciting activities she had been exercising for twelve years at the National Centre of Restoration, Bogota. Above all, she was fascinated by the scientific analysis of the various pictorial techniques and practices.

In the many countries where she resided, she seized each opportunity to enrich her experiences and pictorial inspiration.

In the last few years, she has dedicated much attention to the study and practice of painting; her work is now essentially a research of techniques that aim at creating a special harmony, whilst using simultaneously different techniques.

She also is active in bookbinding, especially the conservation of ancient books, and creates also books with a completely modern design.

L’humanization de la Couleur | 2017 | Oil pastel on canvas | 60 cm × 50 cm

La Pianiste | 2018 | Oil pastel on canvas | 70 cm × 60 cm

La Femme Abstrait | 2017 | Oil pastel on canvas | 70 cm × 60 cm