Mirjana Deletic

Mirjana Deletic has a lifelong passion for painting and art. She works in a variety of different art forms including fashion design. Form, colour and light have fascinated her since childhood. Primary renderings are done in watercolours but she also enjoys using graphite pencil.


She attended art school classes by Belgian renowned watercolorist Pierre Sentjens. She has completed commissions in portraiture in watercolour and pencil, but the main course of her work are around interesting subjects like landscapes, insects, birds, animals and plants. The artist’s work has been displayed in Orebro, Sweden in 2008 and in various private exhibitions, including with the ‘Brussels Circle of Diplomatic Artists‘– BRUCODA.

Bee, watercolours, 2018, 30cmx40cm

Grashopper, watercolours, 2018, 30cmx40cm