Patricia Bernar

- Home country: Spain -

Patricia Bernar is an abstract painter and photographer from Spain who has lived in many different countries around the world.

She is trained in art and antiques and furniture restoration.

Throughout her professional career, she has worked in the  interior design industry and co-owned  an interior design company based in Madrid . She has also designed her own  brand of handbags and accessories

As an abstract painter and photographer, she has exhibited her work in different countries

She has lectured on artistic creativity at  Museum Palazzo Falson in Malta and has collaborated with the Hillwood Museum in Washington DC.

Currently she is living in Brussels and her restless artistic spirit and passion for all forms of art is guiding her to pursue new artistic projects and ideas.

COLLAGE | Photography HD metal print | 1 m x 1 m
IDENTITY | Photography on aluminium | 85 cm x 116 cm
BRUSSELS | Photography on metal print | 80 cm x 80 cm