Exhibition “Brussels Inspirations”, 11-18 May 2017 at Atelier29

The exhibition took place at Atelier29 in the European quarter of Brussels in May 2017.

It showed the works of 24 artists from the “Brucoda” : Alex Dampney, Alix Fresson, Andres Labi, Anita Schwab, Ariel Sgarbi, Christine Schadek, Claus Siebeneicher (c-7), Elisabetta Siggia, Eve Lucas, Gulistan Khamzayeva, Henri Savenay, Houria Boutobza, Iman Helmy, Lin Chen Boeckle, Martine Zens, Noémie Villedey, Patricia Bernar, Patricia Ruiz Perea, Pompiliu Constantinescu, Renate Kohl, Svanhvit Valgeirsdottir, Thomas Gabriel, Thomas Weich and Yvonne Mesterhazy.

Dr Jasmin Gong-Fleischer was the curator and Mr Elmar Paltzer the coordinator.

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Vernissage (11 May 2017) and finissage (18 May 2017)


Visiting the exhibition!