Anne-Marie von Puttkamer

- Home Country: Germany -

Paintings (gouache)

In the 1970s, she exhibited her paintings for the first time at Galerie Kammer in Hamburg-Poeseldorf. After moving to Brussels, she had the opportunity to exhibit her work at the American Women’s Club of Brussels in 1990, followed by two more exhibitions at the same club. In October 1996, Galerie Fayla offered her the chance for an exhibition.

Since May 2018, she regularly participates in both virtual and physical exhibitions of the "Brussels Circle of Diplomatic Artists." She also takes part in the exhibitions of the social club "Royal International Club Château Sainte Anne" in Brussels and had exhibitions in Northern Germany.

Anne-Marie v. Puttkamer is a self-taught artist who paints with gouache.

The ideal home, 2023

gouache on cardboard
Dimensions: H:32 cm W:27 cm

Decorative elements, 2023

gouache on cardboard
Dimensions: H:29 cm W:21 cm