Patricia Ruiz Perea

- Home country: Peru -

Patricia Ruiz Perea is Peruvian and has lived in many different countries around the world. Her journey has allowed her to admire art from different perspectives and enrich her passion for painting. She started her artistic formation in the workshop of Graciela Ronchetti in Washington D.C., and then continued in the studio of Bernarda Lanus. She has worked with oil, acrylic and aquarelle.

Her admiration for the millenary culture of Peru has led Patricia to paint; using color, texture and design to create a style that evokes the rich legacy of the Pre-Incas and Incas. The solid colors, its firm and poetic strokes and designs are inspired by the ancestral heritage.

Currently, she lives in Belgium with her family and pursues her artistic passion in Priscilla Casterman’s atelier.