Anne-Marie von Puttkamer

– Home Country: Germany – Paintings (gouache) In the 1970s, she exhibited her paintings for the first time at Galerie Kammer in […]

Ioana Beltic Piassoni

Ioana Beltic Piassoni specialist in techniques for research, conservation and restoration of archaeological and museum heritage. Restorer specialized in ceramics, Ioana Belțic […]

Doina Popescu

Doina Popescu is a self-taught artist, currently based in Belgium. Between 2016 and 2020 she has been awarded three international art prizes […]

Heike Tiede

– Home Country: Germany -Heike Tiede lives in the south of Belgium since the year after the fall of the Berlin Wall. […]

Elmar Paltzer

– Home Country: Germany – Elmar is the initiator behind The Brussels Circle of Diplomatic Artists, Brucoda. As a father of two […]

Jasmin Gong-Fleischer

– Home Country: China -Dr. Jasmin Gong-Fleischer is the organizer of a wide range of Sino-European exchange activities in the fields of […]

Claus Siebeneicher (c-7)

– Home Country: Germany – Photography and Digital Art: Revealing the Unseen Claus Siebeneicher’s artistic journey defies conventionality, unfolding as a multifaceted […]