Anne-Marie von Puttkamer

– Home Country: Germany – Paintings (gouache) In the 1970s, she exhibited her paintings for the first time at Galerie Kammer in […]

Trish Hamilton

Homecountry: It’s complicated Germany-USA Born and raised in Dueren, Germany; Abitur, apprenticeship to photographer in Bonn, Germany; married and moved to Central […]

Rita Ansone

– Home country: Latvia  – Art has been always a matter I enjoy performing, viewing, discussing about. It attracts me in several […]

Heike Tiede

– Home Country: Germany -Heike Tiede lives in the south of Belgium since the year after the fall of the Berlin Wall. […]

Rob – Predrag Novikov

“The roof of someone’s world in my thoughts again, a fulfilled life left no trace on a path. Because you do not […]


– Home country: Germany and BelgiumBorn in 1956. I am German, but I have always lived in Belgium. My passions are music […]

Claus Siebeneicher (c-7)

– Home Country: Germany – Photography and Digital Art: Revealing the Unseen Claus Siebeneicher’s artistic journey defies conventionality, unfolding as a multifaceted […]

Henri Savenay

– Home Country: Belgium -lives and works in Tongeren (Belgium). He studied graphic design at the Hasselt Academy of Arts. Afterwards he […]

Patricia Bernar

– Home country: Spain -Patricia Bernar is an abstract painter and photographer from Spain who has lived in many different countries around […]