Alix Fresson

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- Home Country: France -

Born and raised in France, Alix went abroad soon after her studies. She then worked for 15 years in the social-cultural field in Luxembourg, Venezuela, Germany and the Netherlands.

After moving to New York in 2010, she took the decision to turn her favorite hobby into a new career and became a graphic and web designer. After 3 years working for the United Nation’s website, her next stop was Brussels where she is still living and working as a freelance graphic and web designer.

The reunion with her cousin Noémie Villedey (who was also living in Brussels at the time) was the perfect occasion to start drawing and painting again. They teamed up to illustrate and publish books for children and Alix started a course in illustration at the St-Luc Art School.

Toison | 2017 | Acrylic on paper | 24 cm x 33 cm
Les bêtes de l'Estrille du vieux Bruxelles | 2017 | Acrylic on paper | 42 cm x 29,7 cm
Citrouilles | 1991 | Acrylic on cardboard | 24 cm x 33 cm