Ioana Beltic Piassoni

Ioana Beltic Piassoni specialist in techniques for research, conservation and restoration of […]

Doina Popescu

Doina Popescu is a self-taught artist, currently based in Belgium. Between 2016 […]

Joanna Basztura

– Home country: Poland – I have developed  passion for sewing in […]

Iman Helmy

–  Home country: Egypt -I have always enjoyed working with my hands: […]

Houria Boutobza

– Home Country: France -Houria is truly cosmopolitan; she was born in […]

Martine Zens

– Home country: France -I discovered the art of enamel a few […]

Andres Labi

– Home Country: Estonia -Andres Labi is an interior designer from Estonia. […]

Gulistan Khamzayeva

– Home Country: Kazakhstan -Gulistan Khamzayeva, the spouse of the Ambassador of […]